The Parallel Universe Has Been Discovered
… It’s Called Hoonify

Unlock the untapped potential of your modeling and simulation endeavors with Hoonify’s revolutionary computing solution! Specializing in supercharging companies dependent on Modeling and Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, Hoonify transforms ordinary computers into parallel computing powerhouses, elevating them to the league of Supercomputers.

The secret lies in TurbOS, our cutting-edge operating system that propels your Linux codes and applications to unprecedented speeds. Our benchmarks proudly outpace some of the world's newest supercomputers, ensuring your endeavors not only keep pace but surge ahead in the dynamic realm of High Performance Computing. Join the ranks of innovation and efficiency – let Hoonify redefine what's possible for your computational aspirations!

Hoonify Parallel Computing

The Engine of Hoonify Solutions

Turbos TM Applications

TurbOS™ HPC Software

Hoonify puts National Laboratory-level supercomputing power into the hands of everyday users with TurbOS, our All-In-One High Performance Computing (HPC) software platform.

TurbOS equips our clients with high performance parallel computing, optimized applications, and workflows that are proven in the most demanding environments.

TurbOS and Hoonify's solutions are currently deployed for:

  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence 

Why Hoonify?

Forty Years of Supercomputing DNA Born within the National Labs

Hoonify Hits the Mark

TurbOS consistently delivers impressive results when benchmarked against some of the most advanced supercomputers. Benchmarks of real world applications are designed to replicate specific workloads on supercomputing components, aiding in platform comparison, performance bottleneck identification, and the evaluation of potential solutions.


Explore how Hoonify stands up to the competition and gain insights into the efficiency of TurbOS.

On-Demand HPC

Discover the advantages of accessible supercomputing resources with Hoonify's secure parallel computing solutions. Ensure discreet pathways for research and intellectual property development while leveraging heightened productivity.


TurbOS allows for deployable parallel computing in any environment. TurbOS is available through Private Cloud or can be installed onto nearly any On-Premises hardware platform, bringing supercomputing to your fingertips.


With multiple TurbOS delivery solutions, users gain immediate access to High Performance Computing (HPC) resources, resulting in exponential productivity increases.


Hoonify offers simplified parallel computing. Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through various aspects, from economics and resource planning to code adaptation and technical road mapping. Unlike many cloud providers, we offer substantial technical resources, ensuring you get the most out of your computational investment.


Cloud providers often leave users utilizing only a fraction of CPU/GPU potential, but Hoonify is here to optimize your computing power so that you can leverage your computing spend and human resource allocation. Private cloud, or on-premises, you are never without support – let us help you unleash the full potential of parallel computing for your unique requirements.

Let us supercharge your supercomputing needs.

Discover how we can provide you with a Hoonify TurbOS HPC solution that will elevate your productivity and speed up your path to success. We specialize in the art of optimizing HPC codes, offering you a seamless and exceptional experience.

Companies solving worldly problems with Hoonify

“We can reduce our initial analyst load by more than 90%. Our future is all the brighter thanks to Hoonify's involvement.”

“The [Hoonify] Cub systems allows us to conceptualize and optimize products before we start testing them. This saves time and materials.”