Hoonify HPC Solutions

Hoonify introduces TurbOS™, putting powerful processing capabilities at your fingertips, precisely when, where, and how you want them. Hoonify provides exponentially more value for the same spend.

Maximize Efficiency

Triple Output with Hoonify's Parallel Processing Speeds, Without Increasing Costs

Whether you're engaged in Modeling & Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, or Machine Learning, data processing is paramount for every organization. Some opt for cloud processing for its convenience and efficiency, while others require in-house data processing. Additionally, some could benefit from field-capable supercomputing edge devices, especially in areas with limited connectivity.

Whatever your use case, Hoonify has a solution to accelerate your results.

Artificial Intelligence | AI

Access personal and secure Artificial Intelligence technologies with powerful CPUs & GPUs.

Machine Learning | ML

Optimize workflows with advanced Machine Learning or data analysis tools - including visualization & validation suites.

Modeling & Simulation

ModSim offers a cost-effective way to safely explore and solve complex real-world problems, providing valuable insights for researchers and engineers.

Private Cloud Features

What is Hoonify HPC Private Cloud?

Experience the best of security and speed with Hoonify's Private Cloud. Enjoy dedicated physical resources tailored to your organization's needs, effortlessly scalable as demand fluctuates. Users can log in securely from any terminal via VPN, swiftly initiating tasks and allocating resources. It's seamless, rapid, and safe. Dollar-for-dollar, Hoonify delivers faster, more cost-effective results compared to other cloud providers, thanks to its turn-key parallel computing capabilities. While competitors rely on virtual CPU/GPU scaling, Hoonify ensures genuine processing at accelerated speeds, every time.

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Hoonify Hosted
On-Premises Features

What is Hoonify On-Premises?

Elevate your on-site infrastructure with TurbOS™, harnessing national lab-level parallel processing power for your data operations. Experience ModSim, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning unleashed, saving hours, days, and weeks of processing time. Enjoy on-premises flexibility and accessibility—no external infrastructure connection needed. Empower your CFO to invest in depreciable assets, not just expensed services.

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Hoonify on the Edge

At Your Desk Solution

The Hoonify Cub Desktop Supercomputer offers engineers and scientists all the features they need for HPC, but in a compact design that sits comfortably on your desk. This personal HPC solution is pre-configured with Hoonify's TurbOS™ software, providing you with the capabilities you need to solve your complex problems.

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Hoonify Cub Desktop-1
Professional Services

Professional Services

Hoonify offers simplified parallel computing. Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through the various aspects of implementing your solution, from system economics to resource planning and code adaptation to technical road mapping. Unlike many cloud providers, we offer substantial technical resources, ensuring you get the most out of your computational investment.


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We equip our customers with simplified, secure, and on-demand parallel computing capabilities with optimal applications and workflows.