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Hoonify all-in-one solutions are powered by our powerful HPC software. The unique and proprietary architecture of our software allows the rapid provision of any size HPC solution. This scalability allows Hoonify to offer solutions ranging from small entry-level systems to large high-end specialized systems. Whatever size problem you have, Hoonify has a solution to fit your budget and needs.

Desktop HPC
Introducing a first of its kind – true Desktop HPC

With all the features engineers and scientists love in traditional Cloud HPC, but packed into a small package that sits comfortably on your desk. While small, the Hoonify Cub Desktop Supercomputer comes pre-configured with Hoonify's proprietary software, giving you personal HPC capabilities for jobs that typically run in a data center.

Office HPC
On-Premise Office HPC Solution

Bring HPC capability to your entire team without all the costly and invasive infrastructure. Solve some of the world’s most demanding problems with an all-in-one on-premise solution that’s feature packed with Hoonify’s powerful HPC software.

Enterprise HPC
Serious Problems Demand Faster Results

When demand requires the best of the best, look no further than a Hoonify Enterprise HPC solution. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to the worldly problems that can be solved on an enterprise level system powered by Hoonify HPC software.

Other HPC Solutions

Do you need help with HPC? Are you struggling to get your existing hardware working? Contact us to discuss how we can solve your HPC edge needs.




Custom R&D

Supercomputing on your desktop or on the go.

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