TurbOS™ Makes CPUs & GPUs Work in Parallel

…the big cloud providers don’t

Parallel computing offers a significant boost in computational power by dividing complex tasks into smaller, manageable sub-tasks that can be processed simultaneously. This accelerated processing capability enables researchers to analyze vast datasets more efficiently, expediting the pace of data-driven discoveries. It also provides a robust increase in processing for Large Language Models and Machine Learning.

Additionally, parallel computing is indispensable in simulations, allowing researchers to model complex problems with higher precision and reduced turnaround time. The scalability of parallel systems ensures that as research demands grow, computational resources can be easily expanded to accommodate evolving needs, providing a scalable and future-proof solution for scientific endeavors.

While major cloud providers boast of "unlimited" and "virtual" processing capabilities, they fall short in delivering true parallel processing. Without this capability, your codes and applications cannot fully leverage their potential. Hoonify offers the computational architecture specifically designed to support the parallel processing needs of your codes and applications.

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Hoonify Enables Companies to Do More

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Almost all computing done today is done in serial. Parallel computing is more cost-effective than serial computing as it enables the utilization of multiple processors simultaneously, reducing the time required to complete complex tasks. This efficiency translates into lower operational costs, making parallel systems an economically advantageous choice for handling computationally intensive workloads compared to the sequential processing of serial computing.

Hoonify helps you handle more tasks efficiently, leading to increased revenue without needing additional human resources.


TurbOS™ Opens The Door To More Possibilities


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Up to 300%

Performance Increase

Up to 90%

Reduced Analyst Workload

Up to 50% or More

Reduced CapEx & OpEx


Software Features

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Parallel Computing

Unlock blazing speed with CPU or GPU parallel computing, harnessing the power of multiple processors for lightning-fast speed and efficiency.

Cluster Management & Scheduling

Full software ecosystem for code development, qualification, and optimization.

Rapid Provisioning

Quickly and efficiently stand up resources from bare metal, allowing for ultimate utilization of HPC in minutes, not days.

Robust Security

Fortify your supercomputer with ironclad security, ensuring data protection, and peace of mind.

High Performance Optimization

Tuning of hardware and software architectures for increased throughput of serial and parallel workflows.


Let us boost your performance with TurbOS™



Pre-configured solutions let you own your TurbOS HPC solution on-site, whether as a desktop system or server cluster.


Ready-to-use, simple HPC environments that allow you to get started quickly from anywhere and pay as you need.


Environment optimizations for HPC codes, workflow improvements, cluster management and many more.

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We equip our customers with simplified, secure, and on-demand parallel computing capabilities with optimal applications and workflows.