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Hoonify Technologies Inc. Announces $3.75 Million in Funding

Hoonify Technologies Inc. secures $3.75M in Series Seed funding from Next Frontier Capital to expand its TurbOS platform for on-demand parallel computing in new markets.



New investors led by Next Frontier Capital join to fuel growth and expansion of Hoonify’s revolutionary computing platform into new markets


ALBUQUERQUE MAY 31, 2024 -- Hoonify Technologies Inc., a high-performance computing software company changing the world of on-demand parallel computing, today announced it closed a $3.75 million Series Seed funding round led by Next Frontier Capital and partners including movie producer and entertainment executive Paul Schwake. Hoonify, which provides its clients supercomputing capabilities typically only available to a select few, will use the new funding to fuel additional growth for product enhancements and to position its software platform, TurbOS for entry into additional markets.

Currently, Hoonify serves U.S. Government and commercial companies in the aerospace and defense and biotech markets that demand accelerated results for their consequential modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) workloads. Now Hoonify is looking to expand its portfolio as its TurbOS can benefit any company in any sector where parallel computations can yield faster analysis with higher quality results by saving them time and money and giving them the ability to bring in more business.

The world of technology is changing in front of us, and we envision a world where everything will need a supercomputer to operate,” said Andrew Clark, Hoonify’s President and CEO.

 “Consequential decisions demand more information and, therefore, more computational power than ever before. We’re building that platform so everyone can solve the problems that matter to their future.”

Hoonify’s innovation began by placing supercomputers at the edge – in offices, academic institutions, and homes – and liberating them from the traditional high hurdles of supercomputing. Providing immediate and personal access to this technology improves customer performance by up to 300%, achieving higher efficiencies with lower costs compared with alternative solutions.

TurbOS runs on any Intel CPUs or NVIDIA GPUs to enable faster computing performance through parallel computing - using the customer’s existing hardware or options including Hoonify’s all-in-one Cub Desktop Supercomputer.

Today, TurbOS is the only full-stack and turnkey platform optimized and ready to run parallel applications,” said Victor Kuhns, Founder and CTO of Hoonify Technologies.

We are excited to add Next Frontier Capital and Paul Schwake as investors as we evolve TurbOS into a platform simple enough that your kids can help create new solutions to solve everything from today’s most critical problems to tomorrow’s greatest health risks and even advance the newest entertainment products.” 

Prior to founding the company, Hoonify’s founders built world-record supercomputers for critical scientific computing at Sandia National Laboratories.

TurbOS, has already proven its ability to scale compute resources in a time where access to next generation computing capabilities is needed now more than ever,” said Will Price, Founder and General Partner with Next Frontier Capital.

Next Frontier Capital is proud to partner with Hoonify as the company expands and continues to deliver best-in-class high performance computing capabilities to the commercial sector.”

Hoonify’s edge supercomputers democratize access to a powerful technology with broad market value by giving customers the ability to transform industry-standard computers into supercomputers,” said Paul Schwake. “The team behind Hoonify’s supercomputing platform, with its collective 40 plus years of demonstrating its ability to deliver supercomputing to our nation’s top laboratories, is what compelled me as an investor. Transitioning to the private sector affords them the opportunity to deliver access to supercomputing performance to commercial markets and contributes to keeping the US in the lead as a technology innovator.”

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About Hoonify Technologies

Founded by former US DOE Sandia National Laboratories employees experienced with building world-class supercomputers and supporting US national security, Hoonify Technologies was created to provide supercomputing to everyone, anywhere for greater problem-solving powers. Hoonify created the TurbOS high-performance software platform to allow any industry to achieve faster performance for modeling and simulation, AI, and machine learning workloads. Hoonify’s software joins ordinary computers together into powerful, parallel clusters for greater efficiency and faster results. With TurbOS, everyone can get to the finish line quicker with higher fidelity results for calculations of consequence.

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